ROSAT Queues to Smash the Earth This Weekend

Saturday and Sunday skies will not be as safe as ever for the reason that a German space satellite is about to thump the ground as reported earlier and It has been legitimately confirmed by The Cologne-based German Aerospace Center or commonly known as DLR that their X-Ray Satellite “ROSAT” will be crashing to Earth in scattered debris over this weekend, between 21st and 24th of October but mostly dismantles two days earlier that the calculated period.

Due to constant loose of altitude after an unceasing friction against the atmosphere which somehow alarms several nations about the damage it could possibly cause that might even claim human lives.

Weighing 1.7 tons total of bits and pieces, slightly larger than a normal car swishing to the Earth by around 140 to 150 kilometers per hour and could bang anywhere on the planet between 53 degrees north and 53 degrees south aiming the American and British domains.

The said space junk has been roving the around the outer atmosphere of the planet since 1990 functioning as a high powered X-ray that allows scientists to execute an all-sky analysis as their source of their planetary data for impulsive space discoveries, within those years of its journey that in fact, ROSAT had an expiration upon creating this space wanderer, but since it is performing so well and gathering tremendous data, DLR decided to continue it operation until it gave up and shattered into tiny parts.

ROSAT has already made lots of excellent breakthroughs to modern astronomy including the observation of supernova remnants and concluded that comets are emitting X-ray which has been inscribed in its manual of Position Sensitive Proportional Counter (PSPC).

As of the moment, DLR is still monitoring the gradual movement of the said space craft to update any development about its expected landing; which normally falls to earth’s oceans since there is no recorded cases of this sort of accident that caused human death and we have already known many circumstances similar to this and mostly up to 10 times bigger compared to ROSAT but had zero-count injured according to Heiner Klinkrad of the European Space Agency so we are expecting some shooting starts over the weekend nights that in fact some chunks and parts of a dead space craft that only follows the known law of gravity.

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