Rudolph’s Sunkist Orange Soda at Christmas

As a kid, do you remember any family Christmas traditions? Do you remember how they got started? For me, we had a Christmas tradition that started when I was 5 years old. I still remember it, and we kept it for a very long time.

When I was 5 years old, I had a love for orange soda. It had to be Sunkist, that’s just the kind of kid I was. One day, my parents let me have my own can of Sunkist orange, but being a little boy, I couldn’t finish all of it. It was Christmas eve, and my sister and I had to get to bed before Santa could visit. I quickly got to bed in hopes of Santa soon coming.

I woke up in the morning, excited as little kids normally are on Christmas. I ran in and woke my parents up, and on my way back to the living room, I saw my can of orange soda and grabbed it to get a drink. It was empty. I stared at it a minute, and I turned it upside down, trying to peer inside. After wiping my face of the little dribble that came out, I got upset and asked my parents what happened. They came over, and they picked up a note that was written in red crayon. It read, “Dear Abe, thank you for the orange soda. Rudolph drank it and it made his nose glow really bright, so we could see better. Love, Santa”. Of course, me being me, I was upset that Rudolph drank my orange soda and asked why he couldn’t just eat the sugar like the rest of the reindeer did that we left out for Santa!

The next year, Christmas came along. I had my orange soda again, but, not forgetting, I begged my parents to buy an orange soda for Rudolph so he wouldn’t drink my soda again. I didn’t get a note again from Santa, but as I grew older, I always left a orange soda for Rudolph. It may not be much of a tradition, and it may be silly, but for me, that was my way of sharing. I suppose my way of sharing was saying, “Here’s your own, don’t drink mine” but I learned to think of others. I wanted Rudolph’s nose to glow brighter so Santa could see better in the night to deliver all the toys to kids around the world. This was our family’s tradition, one that my little brother and sister also got involved with. One day, I hope to pass this tradition on. Every time I pick up a Sunkist orange soda, I can’t help but think of that day when I was 5, and I saw that little note written in red crayon by Santa. Silly Rudolph.

Till next time, peace out and good luck!

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