Rumors on Why Angelea Preston was Disqualified from America’s Next Top Model

After the hectic final runway walk had wrapped up, the whole mood of the show changed when they showed the judges panel. The judges all seemed very solemn. Tyra then announced, “We’re back in Los Angeles on the Top Model set and we’re here for a special finale that’s being conducted under unusual circumstances.” Nigel went on to explain that, “Our production team and the network learned information from Angelea that disqualifies her from the competition.” That’s all that was said on the subject and then they went on to say that only Allison and Lisa would be judged. The show may have offered no answers, but the internet had two stories to share; the long story and the short story.

The short story goes that she leaked the final three on her Facebook, or Twitter in some versions, which goes against the model’s contract and therefore disqualified her.

The long story goes that the real final judges panel was held in Greece, where Angelea was announced the winner, but she was disqualified for leaking the finale three so they re-shot the finale in L.A., where Lisa, who was originally the runner-up, was announced the winner.

This story might seem a little out there, but there are proofs to back it up. Such as Allison’s eyebrows, that were bleached before the runway walk, were back to their normal shade, which showed some time must have elapsed.

The CW also stated that, “After production wrapped on the current cycle of America’s Next Top Model, we learned information that made Angelea ineligible and she was subsequently disqualified from the competition. As a result, new scenes were filmed to address this for the audience during the finale.”

If the long story is true, you’d figure that Angelea would be pretty broken up, but on twitter she posted how excited she was to be trending worldwide. Lisa’s victory also isn’t as sweet if she won only because someone else was disqualified. Whatever the truth is, the dramatic All Star season went out with quite the bang!

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