Rusty’s Jack of All Trades

The Good

This board has a lot of volume in the nose and in the tail, but has a relatively normal amount of thickness, also the rocker of this board is pretty much flat for speed. The first wave that I took, I noticed that this board holds the face of the wave really good, this board due to its small size is extremely responsive but still very stable at the same time. Due to the flat rocker this board is fast down the line and beating a section is a breeze. The wave catching ability in the bigger surf was above average, I was almost able to drop in laying down.

This board also had a very skatie feel to it as it goes down the line, launching off a section or off the lip are done with relative ease. The width of this board makes this board very stable for landing as well. If you are a surfer that typically likes to stay down on earth you will not be disappointed, this board can do cutbacks, tail chucks, laybacks, etc with relative ease. This board handles somewhat like a fish however the tail never slid out on me.

For the smaller more disorganized surf this board did very well, paddling into waves was still very easy. The ride was not compromised too much either despite some light chop and the board still held the face of the wave well and never slid out. As the surf built and the tide dropped, creating steep drop ins that eventually became air drops the board still made each one despite its lack of any rocker.

The Bad

This board most likely will not be bought for its looks it is somewhat short and looks similar to the thrusters of the early to mid-80’s. Do to the buoyancy of this board it can be a little difficult to duck dive (I weigh 175lbs) trying to make it under the white water proved to be a little difficult because despite my best efforts I was typically only getting a foot deep. As a result when testing at the beach break the paddle out was more difficult than a smaller standard performance board.

Riding with the fifth fin is not recommended as well due to the noticeable difference in maneuverability. While the difference was not that of a fish and log of a longboard it did take away from its potential with the fifth fin in. This fin was put in because the conditions were a foot or two overhead but after taking out the fifth fin the only difference was the added maneuverability of the board.

The Ugly

Overall this board is a lot of fun and lives up to the advertisement that states that the board will handle ninety percent of all surf conditions that you will encounter. Despite the few draw backs my review is a positive one because the good really does outweigh the bad. I would recommend this board for intermediate to someone with a good amount of experience. The price of this board does not exactly make it affordable but then again most new boards aren’t these days. Also this board really could take the place of a few that you may have in your quiver. . As a surfer if you could afford it I would definitely recommend it but for the price I would not say it is a must have.

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