Sabotaged with Ridiculous Zeroes

Slashed zeroes ( Ø ) are sometimes used instead of the common zero ( 0 ). Is the enemy from within trying to confuse us? Could a battle be lost because a zero was misread as an eight?

Happy Ink Salesmen

Trick the natives

Into using unnecessary ink,

When they print zeroes.

What do you think?

We will get filthy rich.

Millions of slashes

Added to the zeroes,

Will be splashed on paper,

Each and every day.

We will get paid well

For our cleverness.

What other bandits are prospering from the usage of the sneaky zeroes, that are often misread as the number 8? Telephone companies and reading glasses salesmen are amongst the benefactors.

Happy Air Time Salesmen

Did you misread a zero

And think it was an eight?

We hate to tell you this,

But the number you dialed

Was in error.

We are terribly sorry.

Do you need to buy

More air time,

Before you dial again?

It appears even greedier ink salesmen have gone into cahoots with sneaky paper salesmen to further their profits. (In the real world, the only time a zero is needed as a place holder before a decimal point, is when it is written at the beginning of a sentence).

Numb the Educators

Let’s teach the children

To place unnecessary zeroes

Before the decimal point,

Such as 0.5 ounces

Instead of .5 ounces.

Let’s create a need

For extra ink

And extra pages.

It will make us richer.

Get the picture?

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