Sacha Baron Cohen’s Oscar Ban Explained

Rumors are swirling around whether or not star Sacha Baron Cohen will be in attendance at Sunday night’s Oscar ceremony, after the comedian courted controversy earlier this week. Cohen, who stars in the Best Picture nominee, ” Hugo ,” reportedly planned to walk the red carpet as his current alter-ego, the character from his upcoming film “The Dictator.”

While a spokesperson for the Academy Awards denied that Cohen has been uninvited from Sunday’s event, the representative made it clear that they are “waiting to hear what he’s going to do.” The Academy won’t allow him to attend the show if he dresses as the dictator character, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “We don’t think it’s appropriate.”

The Academy is concerned and resistant to promote studio-specific films during the telecast, choosing to keep the focus on the movies being celebrated at the ceremony. Their worries are not unwarranted, as the comedian has been known to use red carpets to promote his films. Cohen hit two different red carpets in full Borat gear to create hype for the film, “Borat.”

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With Cohen’s red carpet intentions unclear, Paramount — the studio behind “Hugo” and “The Dictator” — declined to comment on the controversy. The Academy has only confirmed that his tickets have not been pulled for the show, so viewers will just have to tune in and see if Sacha’s spotted on the red carpet Sunday.

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