Salad in a Jar

Whether you’re having a simplistic affair, or an elaborate wedding, maybe even just a family get-together, salad is served in a bowl, period. The salads might be made in the kitchen, and then brought out to the guests, or they might be dished from a large salad bowl, right at the table. Either way, the salads are served in salad bowls. Want to do something a little different? If so, you could create a unique element, while serving appetizing salads, and giving the guests party favors at the same time. Serve salads in jars and the guests will be intrigued and satisfied.

The salads in jars can be made the night before and then it’s a simple thing to serve them. Purchase half-pint canning jars, or another type of jar with lid, to make the salads. Make all the salads the same, if you want, or make assorted salads. Since different people like different salad dressings, you can make identical salads, but top them with assorted dressings.

Start by placing a layer of lettuce in the bottom of the jar. Begin making other layers so that you create a pretty and colorful look to the outside of the jar. Some things you can layer in the canning jar include tomatoes, cheese, croutons, tuna, canned chicken, cucumbers, onions, celery, shredded carrots, hard-boiled eggs, tiny ham cubes, pepperoni cubes, or mushrooms.

There are literally thousands of different types of salads you can make and layer into the jars. If you have chicken salad already made up, you can layer it with lettuce and croutons. Or, layer just ham cubes, hard-boiled eggs, and lettuce. Or, forget the veggies and make fruit salads. Try to choose foods that will create colorful layers when the jars are viewed from the outside.

After creating the layers in each of the jars, pour a layer of dressing over the top. Or, as you create the layers, pour a bit of the dressing on each layer. When you’re finished, put the cap on the jar, and tighten the ring. Label jars so that guests know which ones have what types of dressings. A cute accent can be made by tying a salad fork onto each jar, with a ribbon.

The salad in a jar is perfect for a wedding, a business dinner, an anniversary party, or another special occasion. When they’re made the night before they can simply be served without bowls or hassles. Plus, the guests each get to take home a cute Mason or Ball jar. You’ll love the jar salads as much as your guests.
Salad Jars

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