Sam Coopers Monday Night Thursday Thang in Nashville, Tennessee

He came to Nashville via New Jersey and he has been pulling people together and making friends ever since. His name is Sam Cooper and he is a ball of energy, a talented singer songwriter and a really nice guy. For about four months he has been hosting a songwriter gathering at Belcourt Taps and Tapas by Belmont University during Thursday afternoons. What is different about this writers gathering is that it is being held during the daytime. As far as I know it is the only writer’s event that takes place during the daytime anywhere in Nashville. There have been several people that can’t get away or play hooky during the days as much as they like so Sam is doings something about that.

Kicking off for the first time tonight

Tonight kicking off at 8:00 p.m. Sam is kicking off his first Thursday Thang on a Monday Night. This is what Sam has to say about it .

Where, when and how to get in on the Action

Whether or not you’ve already experienced the THURSDAY THANG at Belcourt Taps and Tapas (which happens weekly from 11:30 AM to 5:30 PM–2117 Belcourt Ave., Nashville, TN 37212), if you want to experience the night version this will also be a weekly show. If you want to perform–no sign up sheets just see me. The talented and beautiful Holly Stewart (currently enrolled at Belmont University) will also be my co-host for the “college hour” for students (and maybe some faculty?) for this portion of the night–some of the best prospects and influences for the future in the music industry–around 9 to 10 PM (who knows…maybe longer). Extra bonus for this week–it’s Columbus Day–look for some of Rose’s great Italian dishes! Find out why we made Country Weekly Magazine and a taping for THE VOICE network prime time TV show. No cover.

About Taps and Tapas

The owner of Belcourt Taps and Tapas is a really nice lady who puts her heart and soul into her place. The food is great and the venue has tables inside and out so when the weather is nice you can eat outside. Don’t worry about not being able to hear the writers, as there are speakers on the outside of the building that pipes the music outside.

Writer or not

So whether you are a songwriter or not, next time you are planning an outing into Nashville during the week, head down to Belcourt Taps and Tapas on a Monday Night or a Thursday afternoon and find out what all the talk is about. You won’t be sorry and you will create one of those memories you will carry with you for years to come.

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