Sapphire Samurai on Yarn

My female human has the most delightful habit of playing with yarn almost every evening. I know she is doing this just for me, because when I start play with her, she squeals. Squealing is the supreme sign of human enjoyment of catly activity.

Chasing Yarn: I love to bat this unwinding ball all over the living room. It’s particular fun to wind it around various pieces of furniture. That gets the human involved and it becomes an interactive game. It also gives humans much needed exercise as they carefully extricate the yarn.

Chewing Yarn: It doesn’t taste very good, but it always gets a reaction. Mostly I do this when in her lap. It is a good way to let her know when I would like lifted down or onto the couch. It’s too much bother for me to do it myself…

Pat the Hook: This is a clever game. My human moves the hook in and out around the yarn just so I can bat it. It’s nice and shiny, too. I do have to be careful, though. Her hand is often very close to the end of the hook and I might accidentally scratch the hand that feeds me. That is reserved for times when she’s done something annoying, not while we are playing.

Helping Roll It: Sometimes my female human has to roll the yarn into a ball. I’m pretty sure she’s doing it just for my benefit. That lets me play the delightful yarn chasing game. Helping her roll it is almost as fun. I get to pounce on it before it gets into the ball.

Quality Control Expert: Everything my human makes has to be carefully inspected by me, and stamped with cat furs to show that it passes inspection. What does, “SapphireSamuraiIhopewhoevergetsthisisntallergictocats” mean? Is she telling me I did a good job?

Humans, if you do not have this delightful toy, I encourage you to rush out and buy it for your cat. You can see that there are a lot of ways you can entertain us, and we deserve to be pampered.

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