Sapphire Samurai: Will it Never End?

This time, they took the metal box thingy with them. I was worried when I saw my female human carrying bags and boxes into the house and more bags and boxes out of the house.

Then, my male human moved the huge, blue metalmonster around and attached it to the box! Now what are they up to? This is usually *not* a good thing.

I felt a little better when he moved the metalmonster and got out a ladder. He trimmed some branches from the avocado-squirrel tree. “Phew,” I thought. They aren’t going anywhere; this is just normal, insane human stuff. You never know what a human is likely to do.

Then, he reattached it to the box. They got in it and drove off, leaving me all by myself. Naturally, I felt abandoned. Who was going to open my catfood? What if all the crunchies in my dry food bowl were gone? I’d starve!

Well, I wasn’t totally abandoned. A nice young female human came with her mama every day and made sure I had my Fancy Feast. They even let me on my lead some of the time. But I wanted MY humans!

Today, they came back. Once again there was this frantic moving of bags and boxes of stuff. I’m in the metal box thingy with the female human, who is paying attention to the computer than me. This whole box smells different. It’s been somewhere, I think.

Right now, I’m checking out every corner to see if I can figure out what’s so different. I think I smell squirrels and rabbits. There’s a hint of dust and two or three insects flying around. Why would a human want to go somewhere to play with squirrels, rabbits, dust and insects when they could stay home and pamper me?

Obviously I’m going to have to work on their training. This is getting out of hand. First it was just my female human and now it’s both of them! I’ve heard of a cat run boot camp by cats to train humans. I may have to look into that…

Human note: Every year we go on a campout with our church over the Labor Day weekend. This year, we stayed a couple of extra days; normally it’s only two nights and three days. The cat is still very disgruntled at this latest “abandonment.” Hopefully a second can of cat food will make him feel better.

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