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An automobile collides with another somewhere in United States on an average of every eighteen seconds. It is little wonder that auto insurance is big business. Nor should it come as a surprise that insurance costs is sky rocketing. Cars, parts, and labor are increasing with each year.

This is a large variation in the plans offered by individual insurance companies and in the insurance costs from driver to another. It just makes sense to pre compare before purchasing car insurance. You can save a lot by doing your homework before you select an auto insurance policy. Now I know all this but I hate to price compare. It requires lengthy discussions with each insurer, careful notes about the options each company is offering and careful decision making the right insurance choice.

There are several things to consider:

Liability is required by most states and provinces in North America in order to license your car. It covers injuries and/or property damage. This includes someone else’s car. Liability doesn’t cover the cost of repair or replacement of your car. If your car isn’t new and is paid for, insuring it may cost more than replacing it yourself. It is dangerous to stint on liability. If there is a lawsuit due to your accident and the settlement is higher than your liability coverage, you could be wiped out financially. Insurance companies encourage drivers to carry at least two million dollars liability insurance.

Comprehensive is required if you are borrowing to pay for your car. The costs of repairing a new car are high. Not having comprehensive on a relatively new car is a big risk. There are often additional benefits included in comprehensive. Auto insurance companies like State Farm, 21st Century Insurance provide offer roadside service.

Why are insurance costs so high? Many are convinced insurance companies are getting rich. However, it is a business and auto insurance companies cannot afford to go bankrupt. If drivers continue to drive expensive cars and aim them down the road at unreasonable speeds and roads are crowded with cars, accidents will continue to occur with alarming frequency. The result is escalating insurance costs. If you drive recklessly and your insurer can prove this with traffic violation citations and accident reports, your insurance costs will balloon. If you choose to drive a costly car, your insurance will be higher. You are a risk to your insurance company. Drivers with safe driving records are rewarded with lower insurance rates.

Find out what car choices and safety features will save you on auto insurance. Many companies like 21st Century Insurance, offer discounts on package deals including multiple cars your home insurance. It pays to shop around and ask about age, academic record and driver’s education discounts.

Explore the many insurance plans offered by car insurance companies. Find out how you can save money by insuring with such online companies as 21st Century Insurance. Discover the best plan for you. For comparisons on auto insurance, a good place to start your research is

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