Saving Money on a New Computer

New computers have dropped considerably in price over the last few years. I saw an all-in-one computer at Office Depot for $999.99. That impressive considering all-in-one computers just came out a couple years ago, and it’s nothing to get a standard computer, keyboard, and monitor for $600.00, but what if you want one cheaper than that? Here’s how I shop for the best deals on computers.


The first thing I do when looking for a new desktop computer is check all the websites. I visit Staples, Walmart, Office Depot, Best Buy, Frys, CompUSA, and Newegg. I then compare prices and features. I don’t necessarily want the cheapest computer on the market. I want the best computer that meets my needs for the cheapest price. Typically that’s a 2.8 gighertz processor, 2 gigabytes of ram, and a 500 gigabyte hard drive running any Windows O/S except Vista.


Places like Staples offer refurbished computers. It’s always best to check the specs and prices on refurbished computers. You might find one that’s more powerful and cheaper than a new computer. I also recommend checking the reviews for the refurbished computer you plan on buying. I found several within my price range that had terrible reviews. I didn’t purchase any of those. In fact, I purchased a refurbished computer that had no reviews. I don’t recommend that. The one I purchased arrived dead and had to be returned to the nearest store.

Build Your Own

Sometimes it’s cheaper to build or upgrade your existing computer. Cases, power supplies, CPUs, and hard drives can be reused. You can also add another hard drive to your existing desktop. It all depends on what you want to upgrade.

I’m currently having a relative build a computer for me. I purchased the hard drive, CPU, memory, DVD player, and motherboard for just under $200 dollars. That’s cheaper than the cheapest computer at Walmart and most of the refurbished computers at Staples.

In short, don’t go for the first computer or website that crosses your eyes. Spend some time really searching out computers. There are some very good deals out there if you’re willing to think outside the box. My next computer is going to cost me just under $200 dollars and that includes taxes and shipping. I can reuse my existing keyboard, mouse, and monitors, thus saving myself an additional $200 dollars.

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