Scarf and Hex Nut Jewelry and Accessories

A simple scarf – or even a bandana – can be a nice fashion piece to have, but it seems that, after you buy a couple, you end up going too far. Before you know it, you have a huge selection of scarves and bandanas that you never wear. Maybe you got tired of some of them; maybe you just don’t wear scarves as often as you used to. But you’ll give some of those scarves new life when you turn them into jewelry pieces and fashion accessories. Make a necklace, a wrap-around bracelet, a tie-on belt, a hatband, and more, just by using up some of those unworn scarves and bandanas. Don’t worry; you won’t have to sew or glue anything.

Hex nut are metal tighteners that are screwed onto bolts or screws. Available in various sizes, the nuts are not extremely costly, and can be found at a hardware or home improvement place. Purchase ones that are somewhat bulky but not huge. If you don’t like the color of the hex nuts – like gold or silver – consider painting them. Spray paint, which is made especially for metal, is perfect for changing the color of the hex nuts.

No matter what jewelry or fashion accessory you’re making, start by holding one corner of the scarf. Thread the tip of the corner into the first hex nut, then slide the nut down towards the other end. Stop at least a few inches from the end. Slide the next hex nut on and slide it down as well. Continue adding more and more hex nuts and positioning them where you want. Create one look by adding a lot of the hardware but a slightly different design when you use just a few nuts.

To wear the arrangement as a bracelet, wrap it several times around your wrist, and tie or tuck the ends into the wrap. To wear it as a necklace, just tie it on at the back of your neck. Tie it onto a purse as a strap, around a hat as a hatband, or tie a couple of them together, and make them into a belt.

There are variations you can do to the scarf and hex nut or bandana and hex nut arrangement. Instead of fabric you can also slide the nuts onto a piece of roping. Or, substitute the hex nuts for large beads. Make many different types and you can wear the jewelry or accessories with assorted fashions.

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