Scientists Calm Panic Over Global Warming

COMMENTARY | No drastic action is required on global warming, said 16 notable scientists in a Wall Street Journal op-ed on Friday. No need to panic. No need to decarbonize the world’s economy. No economically debilitating measures are needed.

The learned men aimed their message toward candidates for public office. High-ranking officials such as congressmen, national committeemen and the president take their cues from scientists and set policy accordingly. After all, science is pure, unbiased, based on honest observation, and revised according to facts. Right? Surely, unless one’s mind is made up before the research is conducted or payment is made for a predetermined result. Keeping one’s grant or government-funded job is powerful incentive to promote the hoax.

The public has been fed by lies for so long that the notion of global warming is entrenched as real. And, it doesn’t seem to matter that not all science agrees with the foregone conclusion of a warming Earth. A handful of scientists, who fear not for their jobs nor are funded by government, spoke out against the “incontrovertible” nature of the widely-held global warming phenomenon.

What we hear from the media, the advocates, the alarmists and unknowing individuals is that global warming is real, bad for the planet and sure to cause cataclysms for the demise of humanity. Well, here are 16 notable individuals, educated in the science, with another perspective.

We tend to believe the people in power, the ones with the microphone, pen, press or TV presence to spread the horrific word on global warming. Such people are the mouthpieces of scientists on the dole, who are funded to propagate the fearsome global warming phenomenon. The 16 op-ed authors are not among those scientists “incentivized” to propagate such misinformation.

So, the 16 brave individuals who disclaimed the cataclysm of global warming must have had nothing to gain or maintain by stating the truth. They maintain that global warming may or may not be real, that it’s still being studied, that data does not support an unnatural warming trend, that the IPCC projections of warming catastrophe are wrong, and that whatever warming there is may be good.

Could it be that we have cemented our beliefs according to propagandists? Have we been mislead by those who benefit from our misgivings? Has government seized opportunities to tax us on a hoax? Can we sleep at night for fear of cataclysmic ocean rise by morning?

I, for one, will sleep well tonight having read the calm of sixteen scientists venturing forward to speak the truth.

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