Sea of Tranquility

Whisper to your lover lying above
Speak to the moon, always listening
Talk to the moon. Yell out immense love

Look to the moon, Sea of Tranquility
Mountains, valleys, craters all ore
Shades of greys, silvers, blues and more

Look again peek sneak a glance
As a bashful teen quickly look away
Then dare stare wide-eyed and say

Moon, so beautiful suspended up there
Sharply seen even with eyes tightly closed
To endless affection none can oppose

I feel the glow, the beams, energy waves
Basque in the warmth, take courage, look true
At essence and presence of your waves in me too.

You pull on me so. I profess to say
These tides stem not from a Sea of Tranquility
Its origin makes such a mess of me

Spoiled in your love, timeless mystery
Beheld even now in the brightest of day
Vision of heaven above this world’s fray

Passing over, cover in loving wrapped bliss
This singer of love’s songs craves company
Refrain begs stay longer and longer with me

Crooning to you moon imbuing love
With moonlight’s rejoice. Singing my song
In love loving the long night long

Emotions maturing in thoughts
Now look you straight in the face
Asking Lover please freeze-frame this pace

Ebb and flow throughout this Universe
Waves, tides, planets, moons, stars, galaxy
Clusters of galaxies. Churning ceaselessly the Seas of Tranquility.

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