Season 2: Love & Hip Hop the Remix

If you know anything about hip hop, then you almost surely have heard of the Diplomats, Dipset for short. Founded by Cam’ron and Jim Jones in 1997, they also had Freeky Zeeky and two years later would add Julez Santana to the roster. This show doesn’t include Cam or Julez, but it does feature Jim Jones, his girl Chrissy, and Jim’s “psychotic” mother.

There are some new players on the scene this season, along with the crew from season one. Olivia Longott is probably the best known person besides Jones on the show. She was signed by G-Unit records and sang the hooks on two of his albums with the most popular being “Candy Shop”. There is Emily Bustamente who is a baby mama to one of Fabolous’ kids. Then there is the El Salvadorian from Compton, Somaya Reece who is an aspiring rap star herself. You can add two new women to the already colorful cast. There is Jim’s manager Yandy Smith, and Kimbella Venderhee, current girlfriend of Julez Santana.

On the finale last season, Chrissy who was tired of waiting on Jim, proposed to him at a party. Jim’s mama was not pleased and made a scene trying to smash the camera with one of her shoes. It seems almost creepy the relationship she has with Jim, as nobody is good enough for him except her, and he refuses to put her in her place. This is where it gets good.

On the season opener for season 2, Jim’s mama gets in the studio to release her anguish, so she records a diss record. Not soon after, it was released on the internet and basically shows her dogging her son’s woman. Chrissy is pissed, and boy do I feel sorry for Jim. He’s got backbone in every other aspect of his life, now it’s time to stand up to your mama Jim, you need to set her straight, but with love. Yandy talks to Chrissy about new girl Kimbella, and they both remark how odd it is that she’s been dating Julez for years but they have never met.

When they do meet it’s at a business type of meeting where a jewelry line is being displayed. Kimbella walks in with her thighs jiggling and tossing cottage cheese all over the floor in her Daisy Duke inspired denim panties. All the girls were giggling and laughing at her behind her back. Fab’s baby mama Emily is now coming to realize that after nine years that Fab doesn’t want to be with her, so she holds a party for herself getting out on her own in a new place. Cue fireworks.

The girls are all there, and Emily tells the reason for the party, and that she has gone out on her own. Kimbella tells Yandy a secret, that she dated Fab about three years ago. Three years ago Emily was pregnant with his child. Well, while she did need to tell her at some point, this may not have been the best time. Emily seemed to take it in stride, but not Chrissy. She was getting heated, and Kimbella made the mistake of asking her “Are you going to get up?”. Chrissy sure did get up, but then sat back down after the other girls intervened. A moment later though, she got back up and almost walked out, but on the way past Kimbella she smashed her in the grill with an overhand right from out of nowhere.

While they were brawling on the ground, clothes and hair were literally flying everywhere. Chrissy kept punching and Kimbella kept trying to kick and claw her way to safety. Chrissy then got up and started delivering blows with her feet a la the Ghetto Boys she said “Read My Nike’s”. There was a lot of blurring out of things during the scuffle on the ground, and my intuitive eye said that Kimbella forgot her panties before leaving that evening. Folks, this was the opening episode. It’s going to get better each week, and it’s no wonder with this type of action, the show was bumped to an hour instead of 30 minutes like last season.

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