See LOVE Elsewhere

See above
No I don’t mean God
Or your name in lights
But me
Maybe not
This love

See below
You won’t fall angel
So high above me
All I do is fall
And that’s why you leave
Cupid I’d like to strangle
Nowhere only we know

See left
Am I wrong?
Too rigid, too free
Who I am, what I am
I can only be me
Captured by your siren’s song
Of your love bereft

See right
Never ever
It’s not enough
A sacrifice of one
I’m the only one in love
Alone forever
Better to never see your light

See inside
No only without
When you look at me
Outside you take as truth
Not too much amount
Didn’t say goodbye

See outside
The words
A mess
Wipe away
Thoughts of sex
You pretty girl

See LOVE Elsewhere
Just not in me

Copyright © 2011, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.

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