See More Grand Canyon National Park on an Airplane Tour

Grand Canyon plane tours are arguably the ideal way to see the National Park. Apart from a panoramic view of terrific landscape, you steer clear of any traffic there might be from other sightseers. Also, if you feel like pampering yourself, you can select a deluxe tour package which comes with a descent to the bottom of the Park by chopper, and a pontoon boat ride on the Colorado River.

The easiest way to plan a visit like this is to get as much information as you can on the different areas that you want to see, the optimum time to go, places to stay, and just how much it will cost you. One simple strategy for finding all of this information related to the National Park is to visit their internet site, and checking out other websites as well will provide you with the real scoop about where you intend to go and what you ought to be doing there.

If you wish to stay away from the crowds at the park, you can vacation in Las Vegas, NV and go on a six and one-half hour day tour that will leave you breathless. If you’re already holidaying in the National Park you can take one of the several local trips available. For more than 83 years travelers to the canyon have treated themselves to a stunning view of this terrain by traveling by air over it.

While most of the major hotels are already listed on the itinerary, and tour companies in Vegas particularly can coordinate airport transfers to and from individual hotels. All of the guests are gathered at a final hotel destination from where they are transported to the airport in a motor coach. Your flight to the National Park should take about 45 minutes.

Some helicopter tours will land at the West Rim where you’re free to choose to take a Sky Walk tour over the glass bridge that’s set approximately four-thousand feet above the ground. After your thirty minute photo shoot tour about the bridge, you can stop and partake in a lunch served by the Hualapai Indians.

These tours run approximately 50 minutes and cover all the West Rim and the views are amazing. Experience over a 12 of the most well-known landscapes; the windows on the airplanes are made to allow for an unblocked view. While you are on the airplane, a narrator relates fascinating facts about the area that you are flying over. Find out about the Navajo Indian Reservation that you’ll be traveling over, and fly through the deepest and widest areas of the Park.

When scheduling your flight journey to the Grand Canyon National Park, the majority of people agree with the fact that picking a time when the sun is setting over the West Rim make your trip worthwhile. So, for those who have a small period of time but want to see everything that the National Park has to offer, then registering for a day trip on one of the local Grand Canyon airplane tours is probably the best way to fully grasp this natural wonder.

Mr. Plunket is a travel writer who reports on all things Grand Canyon. He recommends that readers click Grand Canyon Airplane Tours for more about canyon air tours & how to book them at great rates.

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