Seeds of Strife

Sowing seeds, sowing weeds,

Sowing discord, Sowing, sowing, thinking no one knows…

Planting seeds, planting seeds of doubt,

Planting seeds, side stepping that dark reflection, ignoring the growing snout-

How is it till the tiny seeds begin to sprout?

Sprouted seeds, covered in doubt.

Ignoring the reflection in the mirror, you dance on by, as the shadows deepen.

Pinocchio’s snout a tiny button in comparison, how your lies shine so bright, yet mirrors cheapen.

You believe yourself to be in the right?

Yet, how it is your candle is revealed but as darkness, sorrows of never ending blight…

How soon, will come, the Harvest?

How soon, how soon, the waves will crest.

You stumble and fall.

Believing you alone have heard that final call.

A hindrance, a guile it is your desire.

Yet, still the mirror catches your every turn, see’s your depths, knows your never ending ire…

My friend it is best the mirror were broken, the past were buried, tear cast away.

The oceans deep, the stars are far, yet it is your hearts deceit that burns many a rocky bridge…

Listen closely; listen well, for the time will come when the tides will turn.

Sunsets, sunrise’s the earth spins, the lilies never toil, volcanoes spew molten lava, ashes fill yet another urn.

Time lingers; time goes on, tears fill the seas,

Will your harvest be of love or will it be of fleas…

Surely you of all people must know this simple unrefined truth, as many times it’s been said.

The truth is what you plant, it will grow, what grows will be your Harvest; it is in your very own bed.

It is you who must forever lie within the bed you’ve made.

So be sure my friend you’ve checked the depths, for division it is no place to wade…

Walking in, stepping out, close the door shut it fast.

Turn and look at the darkened mirror as it is forever watching your every move, a stone it was cast.

A shattered mirror, a broken glass…how is it you thought a seed of discord would but pass.

Time lingers, walking steadily, whisper’s fall as lightening from the sky, words are contained in the broken flask.

Shattered shards, sparkle like diamonds.

Words thrown about dance across the flames of Hell, as lies spin round, and round many times the length of the pond…

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