Sensory Ideas for Young Toddlers and Preschoolers – Outside Theme

Young toddlers are constantly learning. There whole world is so new to them. Sensory experiences are essential to development. These can be created in a sensory table or a low storage bin. Young toddlers can learn so many different skills using a sensory table (bin). They can work on fine motor skills by scooping, grasping and moving. They are learning the way different things feel. Young toddlers are going to get the most out of a sensory table (bin) when they are allowed to explore it on their own, with supervision of course.

When you are deciding what to include in your sensory table you need to take into consideration the Young Toddlers that will be using the sensory table (bin). Our young toddler does not usually put things in her mouth, we are lucky there. However, she loves to dump out the bin! I take that into consideration when creating our sensory table (bin), so right now she does not get super small pieces like rice. She does not get them because I do not want to clean it up constantly.

Outside sensory ideas for the bin:
Sand Toys
Spray Water Bottles
Wheat Grass

Things you can include in every sensory table (bin):
Ice Cube Trays
Egg Cartons
Colors to include:

Keep in mind that sensory bins do not have to be elaborate or expensive. The local dollar store usually has seasonal items that will help you create great sensory bins without the expense. Start looking at what you might have around your home for the sensory table/bin. Then see if you can collect things for free. If you do need to purchase items give yourself a budget and head out to see what you can find. Don’t forget to stop at your local dollar store. It might surprise you. Also, go to them on different sides of town. They might have different items.

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