Proudly this ancient sentinel stands,
Foreboding, silent, so majestic.
Towering above ice fractured lands,
Sparkling, clean, and antiseptic.

Frigid peaks reflect sapphire skies,
Casting shadows on frozen ground.
Blanketed in snow the valley sighs,
Emerald trees absorb the sound.

Crevasses yawn, their mouths agape,
Angry purple mixed with gray.
Encased in icy, silver, drape.
Danger lurks for those who play.

Glaciers trail footprints down the slopes,
Slowly grinding towards their fate.
Relinquishing dreams and cherished hopes,
Shattered now they grimly wait.

Boulders guard the mountains base,
Protruding somberly towards the sun.
Locked within this crystal lace,
Refreshing waters melt and run.

Beauty more precious than finest gold,
A priceless, visual, treasure chest.
Obscured by windstorms, snowy and cold,
Partakers are few, but those truly blest.

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