Separation V. Premarital Agreements

Separation agreement v. premarital agreement

There are two agreements all couples who tend to marry need to know about. Marriage is more than just a piece of paper. It is a bond of love and caring between two individuals. Premarital agreements often get in the way.

It is common for couples to get wrapped up in the agreement process. The two agreements that couples should do more research on are premarital and separation agreements. Both serve a purpose of their own.

These are two agreements all couples should be aware of.

Premarital agreements-

Premarital agreements come before the separation agreement. It isn’t a requirement to be married. Honestly it wouldn’t be a bad idea to protect yourself. A premarital agreement doesn’t mean you don’t love your soon to be spouse. Premarital agreements are designed to protect yourself and your assets during a marriage. This can also include future decisions of the soon to be marriage.

Separation agreement-

This similar to the premarital agreement. However the purpose for this one is for couples who plan on separating after they have been married. The separation agreement goes through the same process as a premarital agreement. Its written when a couple wants to separate. A separation agreement helps to keep the assets in tact even if there is to be separation in the marriage. This agreement is an agreement about property, child custody, spousal support and so much more.

What people do not understand about these two agreements is that they are valid contracts. Congrats are hard to get out of. There are always loop holes to do so. If you are entering into a premarital agreement, you might as well enter into a separation agreement. This will cover all your bases.

Before signing into this type of contract, you must first decide if this agreement is best for you and your current situation. It won’t be easy to decide. Do not rush into anything you are unsure of. This is a valid contract. Do not sign anything you don’t understand.

If you wish to have your lawyer look it over before you sign, than that is what you should do. Your lawyer can help to make the right decision for you and your life. Do what you feel is right. Do not do anything you are not comfortable with. It is your life and your decision. Only you can make the right choice for you and your life.

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