Sept. 11, 2001 – God Matters

Sept. 11, 2001. I was a student in the second year of my degree course then. Not only BBC and CNN but all other international and local news channels were filled with highlights and videos of the planes crashing World Trade Center, New York city. It was horrible to watch the killed people being carried and their relatives weeping. Calamity normally happens due to nature’s violation but this plot? I could accept the assassination of some leader due to politics, revenge etc… but I was not able to reason out the death of innocent civilians. What on earth can create such hatred and violence among the people taking the lives of common man? Not only the United States but the entire world was shocked. People were angry with the terrorist and hijacker movements involved. Many countries expressed their concern also.

There were also a few remnants of this day – people who were supposed to be at the world Trade Center but dint reach there on time due to irritating delays such as traffic jams or people who had work out of office that day. Though they were lucky enough to spare their lives, they had a tough time in accepting the loss of their friends, colleagues and relatives. The physical and emotional toil was high then but as years passed they were able to thank God for sparing their lives which was not fortunate compared to the many who lost everything including their lives.

Reflecting back as we reach the 10th year of 9/11 incident (, I understand this world is filled with hatred and jealousy. This makes some of them terrorists and some others wage wars. All this tell me that my life or the life of any common man is insecure in the hands of some other earthly man – may be a terrorist or a evil leader. Anything may happen anytime and anywhere. I may not be lucky enough to be a remnant of a calamity but as long as I live I want to live life worth living. A life with purpose and a life filled with grace, happiness and peace. A life that brings smiles to the hearts of many. A life that shows love to every other human being.

And in this corruptive world is it possible for me, a simple being to live so? Yes it is possibly only when I put my trust in God. When I seek Him earnestly He not only gives me the grace to face each day boldly and happily but also helps me to extend helping hands to the ones around. No man or any power other than God can bring the required peace and grace into the hearts of individuals.

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