September 9th 2001

On the morning of September 9 2001, I had the day off and a million things to do. I got up early and flipped on the local News, they were showing a film of a plane hitting a big building in New York City. At first I just did not comprehend, what they were talking about. So a turned the TV channel to CNN and they too were showing this same thing, so I set down and really listened to what they were saying. There were pictures of people just running from the building, (which I soon learned was the World Trade Center) they showed the fire that had started and said how many people was trapped in the building.

My college age son came in and started watching the news with me, it was then that we seen a plane hit the other tower. All we could think was what in world was going on!!

Why would these people drive their planes into the twin towers? Who were they and where did they come from?

Just then we hear that a plane had hit the Pentagon; this really scared us, my niece is an attorney, who worked at the Pentagon. Thankfully she was not physically injured, but she will forever live with horror and memory of all the people who died there that day.

We continued to watch with more and more horror, how could this happen here in the Untied States? We soon learned that the planes were passenger plans that had been hijacked, by suicidal terrorist. As we dealing with this information, we learned that another plane had clashed into the ground in, Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The passengers of this plane knew about the other planes, they knew they were going to die, but they decided that they would not go down without a fight! They fought the hijackers and forced the plane to clash into the ground and miss its target. We listen in stunted silent; once again we wondered how this could happen here?

By now everyone was calling everyone else; we all had a need to know that everyone was okay. But we all knew that we would ever be completely okay ever again. This horrible act of terror would change all of us forever.

Everyday we learned more and more about terrorists, there were 19 hijackers, four planes had been hijacked. There were 3,000 victims of which 2,753 died. Everyone on all four planes died that day. People witnesses’ horror they will never ever get over. The city of New York would forever be changed. As would flying on a plane be changed, we could no longer kiss our love ones good by at the gate.

We will ever forget all the courageous people who satisfied their own safely to save others.

I hope we will ever have to live through horror like 9/11 ever again. May God Bless America!

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