Set Up a Group Tour and Go Free

Many places that I go for entertainment have tour buses. I see them at museums, restaurants, concerts, casinos and at amusement parks like Six Flags. If you are a senior citizen, using a tour makes a lot of sense. Go where you want and leave the planning to somebody else. It is also a excellent idea for a group of friends or an organization.

How hard is it to set up a bus tour? It is not only easy to do, but you can save money, make money and go free to your destination. This article explains how to set up a tour and do just that.

Setting up a tour does take some time and effort on your part. The earlier you start with your planning, the better off you will be.

Work in Progress
First determine your destination. If you are new at this, keep your tour simple. It will be a work in progress. This is because, from time to time, you might have to tweak your plans. People could cancel and your itinerary could change.

Price Work
Get prices on tour buses, ticket prices on your event. Always see if you can get a group rate. This includes restaurants and hotels. When getting prices, see if the you as the tour director can get yours free. After all, you are bringing in business. For example, many places will feed the bus driver and tour guide for nothing. However, you have to ask and set this up in advance. You then add up the total costs and divide the total price by the number of members on your trip. This gives you the cost per person.

Travel Insurance
Always check on insurance for your tour group. Sometimes the tour bus company will have this. If not, they might be able to assist you with it. Rates are usually low. You just add the cost per person to your tour group expense. If you do not provide insurance, then you might want to have your tourists sign a waiver.

Print up a Flier
Make an attractive flier and it get it out to your tour group members. Set your deadline well in advance of when you must pay for your bus and event tickets. You might have to establish a nonrefundable deposit. Many places, including tour buses will force you to do this. Just be honest with your group and explain this in your flier. Keep your flier attractive and as detailed as possible. Focus on the positive. Things like no driving or parking, enjoying your activity as a group and advance tickets are pluses for tourists. You also want a things like a time schedule, a brief summary of where you will be going, date of payment, where you will depart and return from and the total cost per person.

When it comes to cost per person, try to keep expenses within reason. You might be able to offer a small discount, if they bring a spouse or friend with them. If you can do this, it will make your tour more attractive.

This is an excellent way to go places for free and make a little cash on the side.

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