Seven Great Ways to Stay Fit During the Holidays

With Halloween now in the rearview mirror, the holiday season, complete with overstuffed turkeys, bone-sucking hams, and enough libations to fill an oil tanker, lurks closely ahead. Couple all of that food and drink with the natural tendency for people to add an extra layer or two to their summer frames, as the colder weather sends us indoors, closer and closer to the kitchen, and you’ll see why all of us need to figure out logical ways to keep our bodies fit and less Claus-like.

So, with the goal of still seeing our shoes after screaming Happy New Year, consider these ideas. While some may be obvious, others might just be creatively odd enough to keep you motivated.

1. Change your workout: If you are a swimmer, then hit the weights. If you run all summer, then jump in the pool. Give yourself a new perspective. It’ll do just enough to trick your muscles into being invigorated. It’ll also give you a brand new mental focus and inspiration.

2. Be early: Don’t leave those workouts to the end of the day. No way. Get up and be active early in the day. The later you go, the more excuses you can make, and the more the day offers chances to go do something else. Hitting it early in the morning will give you energy and it’ll get the tough part out of the way.

3. Do a touch more: Add an additional set to each of your exercises. Doing a little more will give you that edge in case you have to miss at some point. It’ll also let you feel that much better both physically and mentally.

4. Counteract the naughty: If you down several heavy pieces of cheesecake, mix in some fruit over the next few meals. Don’t double up on the “naughty” stuff often. Instead, have your treat and then give your body something it really needs.

5. Train away your vices: Don’t skip a workout after indulging at the table. Not too long after attacking the dessert plate, get on the bike or in the gym. Work it off. Not only will it help your body, but it’ll certainly give you the much needed mental boost to keep at being consistent through a tough time.

6. Don’t go blind: If you know you’re headed to a party full of amazing food, the kind that you cannot and will not turn down, have a little healthy stuff before you go. Priming your body with some fruit or salad will give you that not-so-empty feeling, which means you’ll eat less of the bad stuff but still enjoy it.

7. Drop “diet” from your vocabulary: Dieting during the holidays is near impossible. In fact, it just sets you up for failure, which leads you to feeling bad about yourself…and the cycle begins. Instead, emphasize healthy choices and living, knowing that you’ll have your moments to indulge. You need to give yourself some wiggle room, as the holidays offer serious temptation and you should take it. Just keep your non-party habits clean and green.

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