Seven Rules for Non-Football Fans at Super Bowl Parties

On Super Bowl Sunday, die-hard football fans get to enjoy the biggest game of the year and close out another season. With over 100 million viewers, it’s inevitable that a lot of the Super Bowl watchers and party guests are non-football fans. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the party and game, but if you’re a non-football fan, there are seven rules you should follow so that the actual NFL fans can still enjoy the game.

NFL Questions

Anyone enjoying the game does not want to be bombarded with questions during the Super Bowl. Why is he running? What’s that flag for? Do those tackles really hurt? The NBC announcers give plenty of knowledge and explanation during the game, so let other viewers enjoy it without having to answer questions after every play.

The Commercial Watcher

Super Bowl commercials are hilarious, fun to watch and are a big part of pop-culture. That doesn’t mean you get to parade around the party, complaining about the game and say you just, “Want to see the commercials.” It’s not cool and everyone wants to see them anyway.

Good Seating

Don’t care who plays, wins or scores? Then don’t take the good seats! True NFL fans do not want to miss a minute of the action, so if you’re a non-fan, be gracious and give up your perfect angle of the big screen TV.

Choose a Team

If you’re at the party, don’t play the simple, “I don’t care who wins” theme. Choose a team. Even if you just like the colors, pick a team and cheer for and root for them the whole time. It will make the game more exciting.

Tim Tebow Talk

Tim Tebow has crossed pop-culture boundaries and is a topic in everyday life. Well this year he is not in the Super Bowl so leave him out of it. The only quarterbacks that need mention are Eli Manning and Tom Brady. The rest of the 2011 NFL Season had enough Tebow talk already.

Double Dipping

You’ll likely find yourself bored during long stretches of the game. This seems like a perfect time to snack on some chips or veggies. Just because other party guests are focused on the game doesn’t give you the authority to double-dip. Plus it’s flu season.

Learn About the Teams

Enter the party with respectable knowledge about the teams that are playing. On the New York Giants you should know Eli Manning, Victor Cruz and Brandon Jacobs, among others. For the New England Patriots, Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski and Danny Woodhead are a couple key players. You’ll hear all of these names dozens of time during the broadcast.

Just remember that a Super Bowl party is about having fun, but ultimately the game really does matter to NFL fans.

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