Sex Positions: Keeping the Spice in Your Life

These sex positions will add adventure to your sex life and give your upper and lower body a workout while you’re at it. All the listed sex positions were pulled from the Sex Deck. You can purchase the sex deck from Barnes and Noble bookstore, it’s inexpensive and comes with a stack of sex positions new and old.


This is one of my favorites, it’s fun, freeing and adventurous. The backward wheelbarrow gives your man an eye full as he looks down on your beautiful body. This position is great for the woman because it helps the man get to that “right there” spot (G-Spot) and if your guy is a bit on the smaller side, this position is a great way to trick your body into believing he’s large and thick. This is fun for the man because the view is an absolute turn on and he’ll be able to penetrate deeper.


Now, I never said this positions were for the lazy. You will need some upper body strength and some courage but if you’re flexible with good balance, try the King for a Night position. In this position the woman will be in control of the movement and she will need strong legs and arms. Ladies, if you don’t have strong legs and arms, do this position long enough and you will. This position is great for men because it allows for deep penetration and you’ll get a good AB, arm and butt workout (if you don’t just sit there). The position is fun for the woman because it gives your man full access for massage and you’re in control.


Ladies, as if your upper body hasn’t had enough of a workout here comes the shoulder stand. Don’t worry, if you don’t have great balance you can hold on to your man’s thighs for extra support. This is good for the woman because she can control the feeling by opening and closing her legs. This position gives great access to the “right there” spot, allows the man to penetrate deeper and if your man is small, in this position, your body will never know. The shoulder stand is great for the man because he gets really deep penetration and if you were wishing she had a tighter vagina, simply ask her to close her legs once you’re in.


Go ahead, hop back into that chair. Who said you need sex toys to heat things up, all you need is a chair. The seated headpin will require some upper body strength from the woman. This position leaves the most important regions open and available for massage, making this a great position for the woman. The man is in control of motion and the , “right there” spot is easily accessible from this position. The Seated Headspin is great for the man because it is another position with a great view. Plus, the angle of entry can stimulate areas of the penis that rarely get attention. Try it, this one is fun!


I like to call this one the Love position because it’s the perfect position to give your partner lots of body kisses and caresses. Ladies, we love this position because it’s so easy and intimate. Men, if you have a large stomach, this will not work for you. Some of the great things about this position? Penetration is deep, makes a small guy larger and it’s super intimate. Ladies remember, as your legs go up, your man goes deeper

These are just some of the many fun positions that can be found in the Sex Deck. So, if you think your marriage is losing it’s spice, try some of these on your spouse. I have to say the most important key to great sex is a great relationship. Sex will never cover issues that need to be handled outside of the bedroom. Once you’re in a great and loving relationship with someone who appreciates you and is committed to you sex will take on a life of it’s own. What am I trying to say? Ladies, don’t waste these moves on one night stands and cheating boyfriends. If your guy is cheating, it doesn’t matter how good the sex is he’ll continue to stray. Cheaters are chasing the ego boost. Save the goodies for your husband or the guy who commits to you and as always safe sex is the only sex.

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