‘Share the Road’ Illinois License Plates Help Spread Cycling Awareness

Illinois has a new specialty plate. It’s a permanent, year-round plate for your car that has a very important message for cyclists and drivers of automotive vehicles–Share the Road.

The state of Illinois, and Chicago are big promoters of cycling and cycling safety. Bicycles and cars, of course, navigate the same roads, side by side. Both share the same rights, and the same rules. Displaying your license plate promoting sharing of the road helps to get the message out there. Many drivers may not remember that bicycles are like cars when it comes to the rules. Whether driving a bike or a car–it’s all the same.

These new license plates also raise money for the new Share the Road state fund created specifically for the League of Illinois Bicyclists’ (LIB) bicyclist and motorist education endeavors.

Production on the new license plate begins when the Secretary of State has secured 1500 reservations. As of October 6, 2011, 1377 reservations have already been secured. If you enjoy cycling, or if you are a driver who wants to bring safety awareness for all who travel the roads and boulevards, spread the word to all you know. It’s for a good cause. The League of Illinois Bicyclists work hard to educate and improve bicycling safety and conditions here in Chicago and statewide.

To reserve your plates, just visit here. To learn more about the League of Illinois Bicyclists and their outreach programs here in Chicagoland, visit their website here.

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