Sharks Chase Vacationers Out of the Ocean in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Just about everyone has seen the classic movie ” JAWS.”Tthe enormous shark pops up frequently, scaring swimmers out of the water. Recently, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina had some “JAWS” momments of its’ own.

On August 14th, swimmers were ordred out of the surf, when lifeguards saw sharks lurking close to shore. One woman told channel 15 news she spotted many sharks swimming close by . The shark incident took place in the 3rd Avenue North area in Myrtle Beach.

Yesterday, a child was attacked by a sea creature and taken to the Grand Strand Hospital. His foot had several puncture wounds, but a shark has not yet been proven to be the culprit. The 3rd Avenue beach area is close to a fishing pier, which is not a great place to swim. Fisherman, on the pier, attract sharks and other fish with their bait. It is always a good idea to swim or wade in the water far away from a pier. I have walked on this pier and viewed many bloody fish used to make a big catch.

In regards to shark spotting, last week my nieces were walking on the beach near the Ocean Creek Resort in Myrtle Beach and saw a large shark cut through the water as they crossed a large pond. My husband also noticed a small shark in the same area.

Although beachgoers will continue to swim in the ocean, caution is urged. Be aware of your surroundings and always swim with a friend. Try not to go in the water before dawn or near dusk and make sure a lifeguard is on duty. Sharks are more likely hunting for food at these times and might mistake humans for a tasty meal. Sharks are also attracted to open cuts and bright colors. Sometimes splashing and frantic movement will interest sharks. With that said, the chance of being attacked by a shark is rare. The number of shark bites is few when compared to the number of people who visit the shores of Myrtle Beach.

As an added note, many jellyfish have been observed in the Myrtle Beach water recently. The ones I have seen are very small. Jellyfish stings are painful but rarely fatal. Lifeguards are able to treat the sting when necessary

So, although sharks and jellyfish will always be a problem, don’t let them spoil your fun. Myrtle Beach is a great place to cool off and spend time with your friends and family. Just use common sense and have fun in the sun!

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