She Is:

Ease at mind; a vision that blinds, but rewards the soul with the most pleasant aroma of content that is equal to none.This sense of emotion holds the heart of the souls physical residence, perpetuating a desire for one that is timeless.

A symmetrical ineffable feeling of affection that can not be created nor destroyed, but merely transferred through existence from my true essence to: every freckle of her beauty before the physical; every eye of intelligence beyond the common; every smile of ambition as golden as the perfection of her skin tone.

Impossible to duplicate, even in thought, her nature defines the very definition of the greatest thing ever created in the universe, in which no star could illuminate brighter: A woman. She holds the Divine power of life and presence to create greatness in all she touches: She is a woman.

She is the most precious gift to man and mankind and will always hold my true, sincere unconditional love in her possession: She is second to no woman.

She is, and forever will be, My woman.

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