She Shed Two Tears (Poem)

From the corner of her eye
She watched him
He looked off to the left
Furrowed his brow
Light reflected off his glistening eyes
Oblivious he was being watched

Heat radiated off his skin
She could feel him
Although she was not close
His blue eyes so fierce
Piercing right through her
He never knew
Would never know
The affect he had on her

Was he angry?
How did he become this way?
She will always wonder

She wanted to help him
Save him from the dark
But his blue eyes saw right through her
Piercing right through her heart
Leaving her cold

His ego slowly diminishing
From a source she didn’t know
Why couldn’t she help him?
Why couldn’t he see
They could end their suffering together

Each time he walked away
Invisible cold fingers
Traveled down her spine
She shed a tear from each eye
One for him
And one for herself

© April 28th, 2005

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