Sheamus’ Winning Streak of 14 Consecutive Victories was Snapped by Del Rio on Oct 15th

Smackdown Superstar Sheamus has been very successful as a face thus far. Sheamus became a face in July 2011, and has gotten over with the crowd very well. Sheamus also had an impressive winning streak.

At Summerslam, Sheamus lost to Mark Henry by disqualification. Since, Summerslam, Sheamus has won 14 consecutive matches in a row. His most notable victory was against Christian at Hell in the Cell. Sheamus defeated the former 2-Time World Champion fair and square with no assistance whatsoever. Sheamus’ winning streak has been very fun to exciting to watch. The punishment Sheamus gives outs to his opponents is impressive and has keeps the WWE Universe interested.

On the October 14th episode of Smackdown, Sheamus finally lost his first match since Summerslam. Sheamus was defeated by the WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio earned the victory, but only because of interference from Christian, which distracted Sheamus. The WWE Champion, Alberto Del Rio needed outside interference to defeat the “Great White” Sheamus. That speaks in volumes and foreshadows a great future for Sheamus.

If I’m correct, Sheamus has had the longest winning streak in WWE this year (14 matches in a row). The babyface Sin Cara had 13 consecutive victories before finally losing his first match. Congratulations to Sheamus, keep up the good work.

Source: Sports Entertainment Scoops, The Contributor

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