Shisha Review, Starbuzz Blue Mist

There are many flavors of hookah pipe tobacco, or shisha, out there. It can sometimes be hard to pick out the good shisha flavors from the bad ones. I’ve smoked my fair share of bad shisha, but I’ve found some great flavors, too.

I bought a tin of Starbuzz Blue Mist shisha last weekend, looking for something a little different. The tin said the flavor was a mix of blueberry and mint. This sounded like a refreshing combination to me.

I got out my favorite new hookah, loaded it with Blue Mist, and put on a couple coals. The shisha burned very smooth and did not get harsh at all. It smoked very well, too, producing big clouds of hookah smoke without having to inhale smoke for very long.

I was surprised at the flavor. In my experience, when mint is mixed with another flavor of shisha, it usually overpowers it. But with Blue Mist, the mint flavor balanced with the blueberry very nicely. Neither flavor overpowered the other. The shisha kept going for nearly two hours, but the smoke had almost lost its flavor by about halfway through the second set of coals.

Blue Mist shisha also mixes very well with other flavors of shisha, because of the mildness of the blueberry and mint mix. I recommend mixing it with a citrus flavor, or something sour.

On the whole, I recommend this shisha. It is one of the better flavors of tobacco I’ve ever put in my hookah.

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