Should Celebs Fly Southwest? Types of Stars the Airline Might Discriminate Against Next

If you are a celebrity, you’d be wise to avoid flying on Southwest Airlines. A number of celebrities have been discriminated against by cabin crew on Southwest flights over the years. This week, the latest celeb to get booted from a Southwest flight was Leisha Hailey, a former actor on “The L Word” and member of the band Uh Huh Her. According to The AV Club, Hailey and girlfriend Camila Grey locked lips before takeoff on a Southwest jet early this week. A member of the cabin crew told the women to stop, as Southwest was “a family airline.” When Hailey protested her treatment, she and her girlfriend were escorted from the plane.

This is not the first time Southwest has gotten bad press from mistreating a celebrity passenger. Actor-director Kevin Smith was ejected from a Southwest flight for being too fat back in 2010. And earlier this month, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong was told he had to get off a Southwest plane because his pants were too “saggy.”

They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, but Southwest can’t be happy about public reaction to their recent treatment of celebrity passengers. With their penchant for hassling gay, fat, and fashionable celebrities quickly becoming the company trademark, here are three types of celebrities that we expect this airline will start booting off their planes any day now.

1. Celebs with Too Much Hair Product

TSA regulations currently permit passengers to have only 3 ounce liquid containers in their carry-ons. But what about celebs who clearly have more than 3 ounces of hair product worked into their fabulous tresses? Watch out Lady Gaga, Southwest thinks your overabundance of hair gel is threat level orange!

2. Celebs with Pets

Pets can cause a lot of stress for a cabin crew. If Southwest wants a new type of celeb to target, they should look for anyone attached to a tiny dog. Mila Kunis, Mariah Carey, and Cesar Milan: you’ve been warned!

3. Old Celebs

Stewardesses get mad when you get out of your seat during the plane’s preparations for takeoff. But for some older celebs, you’ve gotta go when you gotta go. The weak bladders or incontinence of elderly celebrities could bring grouchy cabin crew to blow with stars like Betty White or George Hamilton who leap up to use the restroom when the “Fasten Seatbelt” light is on.

Don’t worry, celebs: we’ve just been making jokes about future Southwest policies. But who knows? With the way Southwest has been treating celebrities over the last year, play it safe and avoid the hassle of dealing with this discriminatory air carrier.

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