Should Minecraft Creepers Be Allowed to Stay in Minecraft

This article mentions some of the reasons why Minecraft creepers should or should not be in the game. Some may argue Minecraft creepers should be in the game, some may argue they should not be in the game.

I have been reading in some forums of people not wanting the creepers in the game. However there already is a solution to this problem. I would if I were one of the people who does not like creepers I would turn it to peaceful. Well some may want other monsters in the game just not creepers. Well I will get more into that a bit later in the article for now shall we continue for reasons to not have Minecraft creepers in the game.

Okay some might be in the boat of not wanting creepers in Minecraft. Well I am sure you have your reasons so I will list some of the possible reasons. The first reason could be that a creeper sneaked up on you, blew up, and killed you. This is a valid reason but this adds to the challenge of being aware of your surroundings at all times. The second reason is a creeper could have blown himself up and destroyed part of your house. well there is a solution to this coat your house with refined stone. Because it reduced the damage of his explosion by a lot and should only penetrate one layer of refined stone. I tested this by using TNT which is suppose to be stronger then a creepers explosion. Now the only other thing I can think of is barely any sound when they are walking. The way to solve it is the same as the first one just pay attention to your surrounding when you play. Those are the only negative effects to having creepers which all can be countered. You will just have to play smart and be aware at all times.

Okay now what are some of the good benefits creepers bring to Minecraft. Well it adds a sense of caution such as being paranoid that there could be a creeper around the corner. I do not know if any of you watch the Yogcast but even after as much minecraft as they played they still are aware that creepers are deadly and should be avoided. Which still does not prevent them from being ambushed by creepers but it reduces those chances by a lot. This is why I believe it adds a challenge and another type of game play I do not think I have experienced in any game before this. Does not mean there was not I am just saying not many have implemented this kind of game play. Because it is not like survival horrors where creatures may get the jump on you. It is more then that because you have to watch out for your house to because it could be blown up if you do not watch out. This type of game play is another good reason why I believe Minecraft became so popular and making the developer a millionaire. Which goes to prove a point it does not take game with graphics but a game with great game play to make a good game.

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