Show You Care About Your Car

Did you know there’s a National Car Care Month? Until a little while ago, I didn’t either.

But don’t just wait for official permission to take care of your car. Here are a few things you should do every month.

Check Your Oil

You don’t have to change your oil every month. Your car care manual should give you a recommended number of miles between changes, but check the level. It will help catch any possible leaks early.

Look at Your Fluids

This includes brake fluid, coolant, washer fluid and, if applicable, power steering and automatic transmission fluid.

Check the Tire Pressure

I’ll admit, I’m pretty lax on this one, but I shouldn’t be. And neither should you. Under-inflated tires are bad for your gas mileage, and over-inflated tires can lead to premature wear.

Take a Look at the Battery

You’ll need to make sure that the battery is tightly clamped to the engine and that the terminals are clear of corrosion.

Examine the Spark Plugs

A damaged spark plug can cause your car’s engine to become inefficient, so make sure that none are loose or worn out.

Examine the Outside of the Car

Are your headlights and taillights working? Turn signals? Check the tires for uneven wear, and check the windshield wipers for any damage.

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