Shower Sarong

I don’t know about you but, for me, it’s uncomfortable to get dressed immediately after a shower. No matter how well I dry off it feels like I’m trying to get dressed while still damp. Clothing doesn’t slide on easily and it certainly doesn’t feel comfortable. After I made a shower sarong, though, I never had to feel like that again. Just wrap it around you after your shower and you can get dressed whenever you’re ready.

If you have a beach towel, or another towel that will wrap all the way around you, you have what you need to make the after-shower sarong. If you have no towel you can use you’ll find that a piece of terry cloth will work great.

If you’re using a towel, wrap it around you, and pin it in the area where the wrap meets – but allow a few extra inches to spare. Cut off the excess towel. Slide the sarong off and you can get busy sewing it to fit. Don’t worry; it’s not a lot of hard work.

Turn the cut edge of the towel under and hem it or do something more decorative. Cover the edge with ribbon, binding, or lace, and sew it in place. This edge will be the front of the sarong.

If you want a slightly better fit for the back of the sarong have someone mark two dots – one at each shoulder blade – then sew a piece of elastic between the marks. Just use a straight stitch and sew right below the edge of the towel.

Lay the sarong on a table so that the front is facing upwards. Mark two areas at the very top – for buttons and buttonholes – and two areas further down, at the waistline. Each set of buttons should be beside each other, with a large space between them. These will keep the sarong snugly around you while adding a cute accent.

If you’re using terry cloth or fabric, rather than a towel, just hem around the perimeter. Wrap the cloth into the sarong shape, mark the area for the buttons and buttonholes, and when they’re done, you’re done.

A further option you can choose for the sarong is straps. Cut two pieces of ribbon, and sew them on, to make shoulder straps that guarantee the sarong stays in place. You’ll never again have to go through that uncomfortable feeling of getting dressed right after stepping out of the shower.

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