Signed Thanksgiving Table Runner

It’s funny how some things become cherished heirlooms, and other things don’t. An old set of encyclopedias might not be thought of as an heirloom but Granny’s old handkerchiefs might. Who knows what will and what won’t become heirlooms in your family. One thing you’ll definitely treasure is a table runner signed by the members of your family, friends, and other guests. You’ll only use it for the Thanksgiving dinner but you’ll cherish it forever.

Purchase a cotton table runner that will be long enough to go from one side of the table to the other. You could also purchase a piece of white or light-colored cotton, and hem around the perimeter. If you’re making your own table runner you can square the ends, make them pointed or make them rounded.

Lay the runner out before the table is set and ask friends and family to sign it as they arrive, or days before Thanksgiving. Use paint markers; they’re washable and work great to easily sign on the table runner. You’ll find paint markers at most any craft store and they’re available in a huge variety of colors. Use just one marker, and make everyone’s signature the same color, or supply an assortment of different colors of markers.

Encourage your guests to write what they’re thankful for, or other sentiments, on the table runner. Ask those who want to draw autumn or Thanksgiving images to go ahead with that. Have them write so that nothing is orderly or aligned; the signatures or sentiments go in various directions. Some people have fancy handwriting and others just print. Kids often transpose letters or do other cute things with their writings. The overall look is really nice.

You can add other elements to the table runner to give it more flair. Use rubber stamps, or stencils and markers, to make images like leaves, acorns, tiny turkeys, pumpkins, or other images. You can also make a colorful border by drawing a wide line around the perimeter of the runner.

Lay the runner down the middle of the table and use it as you would any other runner. Instead of this one staying there for a long time, though, it will be put up and stored until next Thanksgiving. At that time, you can always ask guests who have never signed the runner to add their own sentiments. You’ll truly cherish the table runner featuring all your friends and family. You’ll use it for many years and it will be passed down from generation to generation.

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