Silly Putty Made it to the Moon, Alice

Welcome readers to the column I wrote for 11 years for a few newspapers in Illinois. After leaving the paper and putting the column to rest, I decided it was time to get back on the horse and write it again, with fresh and new content. Pass the word and enjoy a different look at trivia. One that tends to go off in unusual directions and, at times, will introduce you to a wide variety of characters.

– I have just been informed that if a pig squeals in winter, there will be a blizzard. And this is not a squeal when you try to pull its tail. Stop it.
– Why aren’t we eating chicken feathers as they are 97 percent protein?
– Ben Franklin had an IQ higher than Isaac Newton. Who doesn’t? Oh, they were 145 to 130, respectively. Oh, one more item. That apple most likely did not fall on his head. Nearby, sure, not on his head.
– If you were alive 65 million years ago, well, you would be very old…
– Ouch! A baby giraffe is roughly 6 feet tall when born. I use roughly for mom and ouch as well.
– Abracadabra was once thought to be the cure for a fever.
– To the moon Alice…maybe not, but Silly Putty made it to the moon.
– The largest cell is an ostrich egg, sunny side up.
– Adam named the donkey after attending a Democratic Convention. Huh? Eve went for a snack.
– There is more gold in the oceans than in all the banks in the world.
– Truth be told, Napoleon couldn’t really ride a horse that well. I’m thinking because he always had that hand in his coat – – because of stomach problems.
– The rarest diamond is blood red or the one that I would buy.
– You have a greater chance of contracting rabies from a cow than a rat. You, not me.
– If you need helium, try going to Kansas. By the way, we refused to give Germany helium, so they couldn’t use it in the Hindenburg. Boom.
– Illinois was once called the “Sucker State.” It still feels that way today.
– Mistletoe is a parasite, so kiss me now.
– The thumb has its own area of control in the brain. Thumbs up to that one. Yes, that was stupid.
– As for age, you could call the sun, middle-aged. A crisis is coming.
– There are about 2,000,000 mites in an average double bed. I’ll suggest 2,000,003.
– During the day, the sun causes your house to stretch.
– Metal hangers are sagging from the weight and as a result are giving off an ultra-low frequency groan, if you will. No, I will not. But call them Humming Hangers.
– Yes, anti-freeze is used in some toothpaste.
– A bolt of lightning is never straight.
– If we landed on Venus, we would suffocate, be crushed and roasted – – simultaneously. Road trip?
– The Jet Stream wasn’t discovered until World War II.
– The world’s greatest mountain range lies below the ocean.
– There is no air on the moon so shut up, I can’t hear you anyway.
– Buckingham Palace was built on top of a sewer…a very large sewer.

This is compiled by Tim O’Brien for the O’Brien News Service. Tim is also an avid reader and gathers items from a wide variety of sources, while adding in his own thoughts, material, and nuggets. For much more head to and enjoy.

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