Simple Wood Craft Gift Idea

If you are struggling to come up with a gift idea for one of your loved ones, explore you creative spirit and make a wood plaque/picture craft. You can create this craft with a minimal amount of woodworking skills and material. To complete this craft you will need:

A piece of wood, size or type does not matter; I prefer old 1 inch thick 8 by 10 pieces personally, but i it is really whatever size plaque you want to make.

Wood glue.

A photograph


In creating this project, after selecting your wood, using a table saw, cut your wood to desired size. For added flair, turn the blade of the table saw at an angle and give the wood bevel edges.

Once you have the wood cut to size, select a photograph that you want to but on the plaque. Apply a generous amount of glue to the wood, spreading it out evenly on the wood. Place the photograph on the glue covered wood. Make sure to press the photograph down flat on the wood, smooth it out, getting rid of any glue bubbles. Spread a generous amount of glue over the top of the picture and plaque. Make sure that you use glue that dries clear. Allow the glue to dry.

After the glue has dried, apply the polyurethane to the plaque. Apply the polyurethane evenly across the photograph and wood. Apply several coats until you get the desired finish. Allow the polyurethane to dry.

To personalize this craft, you can write a poem or prose to go along with the picture. Either print the message on the photo or print it on paper and glue the paper on the plaque along with the photograph.

If you do not have a photo to but on the plaque, you can print some special words and glue it to the wood. While you can do this with regular computer paper, for a nice effect, use higher quality colored paper, light brown, tan or beige works well. Another way to enhance this craft is to use a lighter to burn around the edges of the paper prior to gluing it to the wood. Applying the heat of the flame to the body paper gives the paper a rustic antique appearance.

It can be hard to come up with a gift for someone year after year; this project makes an excellent gift for that person who is so hard to buy for. Additionally, if you are on a budget, you can perform this craft for under $15. As you give this craft project to someone, you will be giving something that you have put some time and heart into, something that you have created.

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