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On June 10, 2011 I became a single mom of a beautiful baby boy. He has become my life and I will do whatever it takes to make sure he is always taken care of. I am a single mom for him but he is not the only person that I have become responsible for. I also have my disabled mom, disabled sister, and my sisters three wonderful kids. Both my mom and sister are fighting for there disability, but we will not know anything for another couple of months. The reason I am caring for them is because of my brother-in-law leaving after 20 years and is now not taking care of his family. I love my family, but it has become a challenge for all of us to live on a single income. There are always financial challenges when you are a single mom on a single income, but we are all figuring out how to get through everything.

Ways to Save Money for Single Moms on a Single Income:

Saving money is very important when you are a single mom living on a single income. There is always have to pay all of your bills and hopefully put up money for other things that may come up. Money is constantly going out when you are a single mom, and sometimes it is going out faster than it comes in when you are on a single income. Here are a few ways to save money:

-Take advantage of Government help if you need it. Food stamps, WIC and other government programs can help you save a lot of money on groceries and formula. These are not permanent solutions for single moms on a single income, but if you truly need help take the help. These programs can also give you childcare assistance while you work.

-Use coupons, watch sales papers, compare unit prices and buy in bulk if you can. Sometimes people think that these are not worth the time, but I know better. As a single mom on a single income I have learned that every single penny that I save means money that can go towards something else.

-Shop at local discount stores, second hand stores, and even yard sales. You can find great clothing, toys, shoes, household items, and much more at these places. The best part about it is that you can find items close to new and spend a fraction of the price that you would at a retail store.

-Find ways to decrease you every day bills like your utilities, cable, phone, insurance, etc. For some of these you can call your provider and ask for the most current special and make sure you are paying the least amount possible. You may also even consider canceling some parts of the service that you have.

-Cut back on the things that are not necessary such as; drinks, entertainment, morning snacks, etc. All of these are nice when you have a little bit of extra money, but they are no necessary. If you stop and spend $5 a day at the convenience store it ends up being over $100 a month. For me that is a few boxes of diapers, some formula, a bill, or even a couple of different bills.

As a single mom on a single income you learn that every bit of money you save means a lot to you and your family. If you can find ways to reduce your monthly bills by $40, save $40 shopping each month and stop spending the $5 a day you will have close to an additional $200 a month to use for other things. I know that can help my single income quite a bit. Most single moms on a single income can also think of ways to save even more if we really look at our finances.

Saving Money in Your Home

Ways to Increase Your Single Income:

Most single moms will look at this and wonder how you could possibly do more, but there are ways for you to increase your single income and not kill yourself doing it.

-Get a second job if it is an option for you. In some cases this is not an option for a single mom and spending the money for childcare would not make up the difference, but if this is an option for you it should be a consideration. You do not have to work an additional 40 hours a week, just find something that is part time and will work with your schedule.

-Find work at home opportunities that would help a single mom increase there single income. There are quite a few different opportunities that can help; writing articles, doing simple tasks for different companies, direct sales, and work for different companies from home. There are also options like recycling, child care, house sitting, pet sitting, running errands for other peoples, and other things that you can do as a single mom to increase your single income and even involve your children.

In today’s world of internet and freelance work a single mom can increase there single income in a few different ways. You may have to do some research on different projects to decide what would be best for you, but it will be worth it. Making more money as a single mom is just as important as saving money. If you can increase your single income by even $100 a month it can make a difference.

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Consider Furthering Your Education:

There are a lot of Government Grants to help single moms further there education. This is something that can help a single mom financially in a couple of ways; the grants can help at home, and the furthered education will increase your income. Go to a school in your area and discuss your options with the financial aid personnel. Most classes now can be taken online and in your spare time, so do not think of every excuse for you not to go back to school and take advantage of this.

Apply for Government Financial Aid and Grants

Government Benefits, Grants and Financial Aid

If All Else Fails, Do Not Be Afraid to Ask for Help:

Most of us have a lot of pride, and do not like to ask for help if we need it. As a single mom you try to put yourself last, and we should also do that with our pride sometimes. There are a lot of charities in almost every community that will help people in need. Most of them are very quick to help single moms that need help because of there circumstances. Local charities can help single moms with groceries, shelter, formula, diapers, clothing; even something like firewood can be given by these charities. If you are in need swallow your pride and ask for help. This help is not for you it is to help you help your children.

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