Six Cool Outdoor Halloween Decorations Under $50

Adding Halloween curb appeal is a great way to show everyone in the neighborhood your fall holiday spirit. That’s why here at Construct101, we are ready to show you our fall holiday spirit with some great Halloween deals. Here are six outdoor Halloween decorations under $50 to help you stretch your holiday fun as far as possible this Halloween.

Spooky Skull Lamp

For less than $20, you can get some spooky yard decor for your trick or treaters. This cool buried skeleton looks like it’s ready to burst out of the ground-and not your Halloween budget. Light your sidewalk or front yard with this cool light up lantern held by a skeleton bursting from the grave.

Skeleton Pink Flamingos

If you’ve got pink flamingos in your yard, why not dress them up for Halloween too! These two “in costume” flamingos are dressed like skeletons for the perfect touch to your Halloween yard decor! They also come in other costumes as well like devils and monsters. Check out all of our cool pink flamingo Halloween décor at Construct101!

Hanging Skeleton

A 3D skeleton is the perfect touch for your front porch, haunted house sidewalk. This three foot tall life like skeleton hangs from a hook while arms and legs can be manipulated. For less than $20, this Halloween outdoor decoration is a steal. Hang this skeleton on a string that’s attached to a front gate for the ultimate scary moving skeleton.

Bag O’ Bones

Set up your own spooky graveyard using this cool bag o’ bones. This deluxe set of realistic bones can be placed anywhere in your yard for the spookiest scene under $50. A great way to use these old bones is to bury parts of the bones around a few tombstones to make it appear that they are coming from the grave. Leave a few bones in a coffin for a super scary graveyard scene.

Light up Zombie

Light up Halloween yard ornaments are hard to come by for less than $50. This spooky skeletons skull lights up bright in your yard. Each leg is placed into the ground with a stiff metal wire, so no actual digging is required. Best of all, no wiring is needed. Just a few batteries and your porch, sidewalk or graveyard will be well-lit from this cool Halloween lawn ornament.

Motion Activated Shaking Body Bag

For the ultimate in scary props, animation that’s motion activated is the key to getting a good scare out of your arriving guests. This scary animated body bag cadaver is filled with old newspaper to make it appear like a dead body is in the bag. Whenever someone approaches the area, the head shakes and its eyes light up. It’s a cool prop for a cool price.

Happy Halloween from Construct101!

See all of our cool Halloween supplies right here at Construct101!

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