Six Subtle Actions that Will Turn Him On

Looking for a simple way that will encourage a sensual response? These six subtle actions are sure to drive your man wild.

The key to subtlety involves showing him that you want some intimate time alone without telling him bluntly. This holds a special allure, especially if you’re in a long term relationship full of rituals and routines.

Feed Him Meat

Most men love meat–and if you’re man’s a meat eater, you can get stir his affections easily with a meaty meal. Tap into the primal by offering a high-protein dinner. This could happen as a home-cooked meal leading straight to the bedroom, or at a fancy Brazilian steakhouse–it doesn’t matter, so long as a high-quality portion is on the menu.

Men seem to equate steak and bacon in particular with masculinity, and some men receive a positive libido effect directly after eating beef or bacon as part of a masculine meal. Meat is to a man as batteries are to your favorite toy; make sure to include it in a meal if you want a fantastic result!

Wear What You Normally Don’t

A change in routine can often lead to some sexy time in the bedroom and alleviate relationship boredom. While some men prefer to see a woman dressed in business attire, others prefer a lady in sweats–wearing whatever makes her feel most relaxed and comfortable. Regardless of your man’s preference, one thing will hold true: he’ll find the change of pace inspiring.

Wear whatever he normally doesn’t see you in, whether that’s one of his tee shirts, high heels if you don’t normally wear them, a new bra or a pair of handcuffs. A minor change in wardrobe or an accessory can intensify a man’s curiosity and interest.

Make Him Notice

Something small can shock a man into taking a primal interest in you. By making a small but dramatic change, you’ll encourage a leading compliment from your partner. This could include:

· A new hair cut or style · Different scents in the kitchen or on your body · Prominently displayed sentimental jewelry, such as a necklace he gave you (that you don’t normally wear)

Active Interest

Take an active interest in one of your partner’s activities. Ask yourself what he’s interested in that you tend to avoid or even dislike. Most men appreciate it when their partners ask to play a video game they normally wouldn’t. Other examples might include playing a sport, participating in poker or playing a sport.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not good at whatever it is you’re trying-the point is, you’re trying it. As a bonus, he might brag about the fact that you’ve tried something new, whereas his friends’ wives and girlfriends haven’t made that sort of move before.


Men often enjoy when a woman can handle herself in all sorts of environments. On one camping adventure, I recall my husband bragging about the fact that I was the only woman in our group who tolerated sleeping outside in cold temperatures.

If you’re not usually the outdoorsy type, show a willingness to take a trip outdoors. In addition to trying something new, you’ll create the perfect opportunity for some secluded (and distraction-free) alone time with your man. Be sure to set up camp early so you’ll have plenty of time alone once the tent has been pitched!

Feminine Touch

Sometimes it’s easy to forget the girly stuff. Busy with work and other obligations, I don’t always do fancy stuff like I used to-such as painting my nails or fixing my hair nicely for a date. When I have some extra time in my day, I try a new hairstyle or nail polish color-and he always notices. This opens up a dialogue which can lead to a serious conversation, watching TV cuddled up on the couch or even some alone time in the bedroom.

It can also help your own self-confidence to do something positive for your health or appearance, especially when your mate rewards your behavior.

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