Sixty Elvis Impersonators Evacuate U.K. Hotel

The 60 Elvis impersonators at a U.K. Holiday Inn earlier this week should be glad that “Shake, Rattle, and Roll” didn’t turn into stop, drop, and roll.

The herd of Elvi had gathered at the hotel, donning their best Elvis-inspired jumpsuits and sideburns, to swing their hips and raise money for cancer research, according to

When a fire alarm went off in the middle of the dance, the group of would-be rock stars migrated to the parking lot along with evacuating hotel guests, many gobsmacked by the troupe of costumed crooners waiting outside.

British Holiday Inns aren’t the only gathering spots for Elvis aficionados.

In Los Fresnos, TX each August, Elvis impersonators descend upon Little Graceland, a scaled-down version of The King’s Memphis property, complete with the iconic driveway gates and a museum dedicated to Presley.

Simon Vega, owner of the museum, served with Presley in the military when they were both 21; he built the museum as a tribute to the star, whom Vega remembers as “a very humble young boy,” according to the Brownsville Herald.

Eight impersonators entertained at Vega’s festival in 2010, but things got all shook up later that year in Las Vegas.

In December 2010, 645 Elvis impersonators gathered on stage to break the Guinness record for the most Elvis impersonators gathered at one time, according to Before the Vegas Elvi convened, the record stood at a comparatively palsy 147 singers who met up at Australia’s annual CountryLink Parkes Festival in 2007.

Not to be outdone, the Aussies attempted their own record-breaking festival in January 2011, according to the Daily Examiner.

They needed 646 decked-out to earn back their title, but the effort failed: Even though some 3,000 more people came to the festival in 2011 than the year before, only 610 people were decked out in Elvis gear, according to the Times of India.

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