Skydiving Sex Video Makes the Rounds Online as FAA Steps in (Video)

A Skydiving sex video of a porn star and a receptionist is making the rounds online today. The two get together in a plane and start having sex on video. This didn’t stop here; they continued having sex as they jump in a tandem skydive. This is all caught on tape like a skydiving porn movie! Now the two are under investigation by the FAA, according to MSNBC.

See the skydiving sex video here on Examiner

The sexual acts start out in the plane’s cabin as the pilot is flying them to their jump off point. The two are shown seated in a jump seat next to the polite at one time and he doesn’t seem to be the least bit interested in what they are about to do. When the two jump in tandem they are in the right position to continue their sexual romp as they fly through the air during their skydiving stunt.

While the FAA doesn’t have any rules governing sexual acts on a plane or while jumping out of a plane, they do have rules about activities that distract the pilot as he is flying. The investigation is centering on the pilot’s distraction level, if any at all.

The porn star, Alex Torres who moonlights as a skydiving instructor, was fired from his skydiving job. The receptionist, who was the female in the skydiving sex video, also works at the skydiving business and it hasn’t been decided as of yet if she will lose her job.

Torres did this in hopes of getting on the Howard Stern show, and this does sound like an event Stern would gravitate to, so now that he is famous, you never know!

Reference: Examiner, MSNBC

Skydiving sex video of mile high romp under FAA investigation (Video)

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