Skyrim: 2011’s Best Game

2011 has been a year where many great games have been released, ranging from shooters to RPG’s to casual games. It has definitely been a year where there is something good for everybody to play, no matter what their gaming preference is. Having said that though, in my humble opinion, no game has been as good this year as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Having sold over a million copies already worldwide, Skyrim is turning into one of Bethesda Softworks greatest successes, and rightfully so. Many may wonder why I have chosen this game over other, more polished titles, such as Uncharted 3 or Gears of War 3. I will explain my position the best I can. Although the previously mentioned games are great in their own right, in my opinion they do not offer anywhere near the amount of content that Skyrim offers at the same price point. I am over 50 hours into my current game and still have barely touched the surface in respect to actually finishing the game and being able to say that I have done accomplished everything that game offers.

The only complaint that I have with the game thus far is lag issues. Playing it on PS3 can be downright frustrating at times because of the horrific frame-rate issues that occur after playing for an extended amount of time. I have found relatively good fixes for the issues, though, with the most effective method, for me, being to turn of auto-saves. Also if the game starts lagging very badly, resetting the console fixes the problem, allowing for another few hours of lag-free gameplay.

These issues aside, there is no reason to deny that Skyrim is one of the best games to be released this console generation, from the beautiful graphics, to the wonderful quests and superb gameplay. The premise that this game can be played for hundreds of hours, if not more, without running out of things to do is, in my opinion, nothing short of spectacular. It is because of games such as Skyrim that I continue to play video games and will for many years to come. While this game is not for the mild of heart, due to the intense nature and content of some of the quests, it is a game that all RPG fans should take some time out of their schedules to enjoy. It definitely does not disappoint!

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