Skyrim, It’s All You Will Need

Skyrim is a game set in land or realm called Oblivion. Made by Bethesda studious, the release of this game was groundbreaking as Bethesda had done something that no other company could manage to do. Packed into this game was over 300 hours of game play minimum. A player could go questing with the companion’s guild one day and slay dragons on top of Shearpoint the next. With so many options to think about when playing this game, it is suggested that one plays through the main quest line to get the feel of how the game is supposed to be played. Throughout the game, the character is forced to make tough decisions that will ultimately decide their fate in the game. Make one wrong move and groups will shun you for the rest of your existence.

At the start of the game players must choose which race they want to be, each with perks that give them advantages against the other races. Although choosing the wrong race will not effect the game too much, choosing the right race could make things very easy for you at times. Players must also choose which type of combat they wish to use. While magic can be used to summon, shoot fireballs, and protect the player, the blade of a warrior can easily cut through a wizard’s cloth armor. Archery can be used from far distances, but once you are out of arrows you might as well be a sitting duck. The only problem i have found with melee is that one must be next to his opponent if he wishes to attack him. What most players have chosen to do is attack their opponents with multiple fighting styles so that they may attack them both at range and up close. Of course, it easier to learn about the game by playing it than it is by me telling you. You will not be disappointed.

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