Slacklining: A Rewarding Spring Activity

My personal favorite hobby to do outdoors during the Springtime is called Slacklining. Many people have never heard of slacklining and have no idea what it involves. Well I didn’t either until a visit to Northern Arizona University a few years ago.

Slacklining is attaching a flat nylon rope (webbing) in between two points. At first sight, many people refer to what this looks like as tight rope walking. This is an extremely challenging hobby and takes a ton of practice! Slacklining was developed in the 1970’s and has been popularized, especially on college campuses ever since. It requires physical fitness, mental awareness and focus, an excellent sense of balance, and the willingness to fail. Over and over. Slacklines can be purchased under brand names online, such as Gibbon, or even be make-shift by simply attaching a length of nylon webbing between to sturdy points and tightening it until it is extremely taught!

With dedication, or maybe even some talent, this activity is possible to master. I plan to be out everyday practicing and bettering my balance skills. If I’m feeling like having some more fun, I’ll drag the family out to participate too! It’s a great way to have some fun together, have some great exercise, and learn from one another. Even if the slackliner can’t make it all the way across the line without falling, being able to get up or take the first step on a slackline is very fulfilling! According to Slackline Brother’s Inc, it can be used as training for sports and is considered “moving meditation.”

The best part about slacklining is not having to travel anywhere! The Spring brings great weather everywhere, making the only thing needed just two trees. My favorite place to slackline if I am traveling though, is in the beautiful Flagstaff, AZ outdoors! People attach slack lines between two trees, sturdy, steel setups, and more. It can be done in places as simple as a backyard, or as extreme as 3,000 feet in the air!

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