Smartphone Unlocking Guide

What is phone unlocking?
Unlocking your phone simply means that you can use it on networks (also known as carriers or operators) other than your own. So for example, if you are currently locked into a contract with Vodafone UK, you could unlock your phone and make calls through Orange UK.

What are the benefits of unlocking?
Once your phone is unlocked from your network, there are number of possibilities and benefits as follows:
– Save money with other networks
– Travelling abroad / Roaming
– Use Multiple bands
– Increase the resale value
– Cheaper deals and tariffs
– Use other SIMs
– Use dual SIM adapters
– Unlock once only

What are the risks of unlocking?
If the unlocking is not done in the correct manner and by a reputable source, then you may face the following risks:
– A permanently locked phone
– Loss of data
– Warranty issues
– Bricked phone

So, how do I unlock my phone properly?
There are two ways: The free way and the safe way.
The free way involves using the make and model of your smartphone and searching Google for free unlock codes. The probem is that there are many fraudsters out there that will either 1) provide the wrong codes, therefore damaging your phone, or 2) ask you to enter credit card information on an untrustworthy site

The safe way involves using a dedicate, reputable service who will provide the unlocking code for you. Only a small handful of companies actually provide an unlock code from the phone manufacturer though. To find out more, we recommend you visit’s Unlock Your Phone Guide which will explain phone unlocking in more detail and help you choose a trusted service.

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